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About Teri

Hello, I’m Teri L. Garrett, Ceramic artist.

Inspired greatly by nature, my work is constantly evolving and changing depending on what I observe in the trees, plants, and colors of the world we live in. I find great pleasure in creating a functional piece of pottery one wants to hold, touch and use. I strive to make each piece aesthetically pleasing, and inviting to the touch, like that mug that fits our hand just so and feels familiar, warm and comforting.

I took my first ceramics class in high school. I’ve been hooked since then. Making pots for over 30 years, I never tire of the process. I studied art and science in college, taking every art class I could fit in. Always interested in learning, I continue to seek out classes, other artists, and other ways to learn.

The vessels I create are meant to be used and loved for many years. Made from stoneware and occasionally porcelain each piece is slightly different that the one before it. If you are looking for a set that are each exactly alike in color, size and shape, I will gently and humbly encourage you to the nearest big box store for that set. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a beautifully unique piece, or several pieces, I thank you and invite you to explore the website.

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